How to spot a good and a bad restaurant

It is very difficult to find a bad restaurant in tuscany. Well, there are some, but most of them can be spotted from miles away. If it is full of italians and if it is loud, you hardly can´t go wrong. If a waiter wants to drag you in or if your waiter is wearing a training suit. Better stay hungry. I always look at the faces of the people sitting at the table. Are they happy? Are they smiling? And I never enter a restaurant without having at least a quick look at the menu card. What are the prices? Do they offer something special? There always is one outside the restaurant.
And yes, I tend to leave a restaurant, when I get the feeling that I should. Actually, when I start to think about, if it is better to stay or go, I go. If service doesn’t show up after 5 minutes, I am gone, too.
I want nothing special, but I only have a few dinners when I am on holiday. I really like to eat. I really like to spend money on good food. So I really want to make sure, I have chosen a good restaurant. And it is really easy to make me happy. Home made pasta, or pasta cooked al dente, is not so difficult to make. After all, we are in Italy. La Mamma always cooked good food. And if she was not around, then grandma cooked something nice. But grandma usually makes the desert. Torta della nonna. Grandmas cake.
I am in heaven.


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