Menu of the day

Menu of the day

You can even order some Primi Piatti here. Primi means first and piatti means plates. So its like a fist course and usually is some yummy pasta. In Italy dining is a little complicated. You usually have like five courses in a meal. But I usually cut it down to two. It is just too much. But however, if you dine with friends or family you start with an antipasto. Anti means before. So it is the course before the pasta. Usually something small like toasted bread with some tomatoes on it or ham and melon or something else to wake up your taste buds 🙂
Then you would order a primo. Something like they offer here in the cafe: Penne boscaliola. Penne means feather. And the noodle here is shaped round and thick. Much like an oversized Maccaroni, but not that long. Boscaiola can be several things. Bosca means forrest. So basically everything that grows there can be used to make that sauce. I would guess something with mushrooms and herbs or maybe tomato sauce. You will have to ask. Lasagne here can be suitable for vegetarians (vegetarine) but you already have guessed that or with meat sauce (ragú) ragu or sauce bolognese is the same thing. Zuppa is soup and farro is some kind of corn. I think it is spelt. But I am not so sure about that.
After your primo you would order a secondo. Which usually is meat or fish. And you have to order a side dish, that comes with it. Like fries, vegetables or stuff like that.
Then there would be a desert and afterwards some coffee and maybe after all that you might be offered a grappa. Grappa is made from grapes and it is quite a strong liquor. I will blog about that later.


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