So I still haven’t made up my mind. Is Montepulciano or San Gimignano my favorite city in Tuscany? It really is kind of hard to tell.

Well, we arrived at Montepuciano on a very warm und sunny day. For years I wanted to visit the Basilica San Biasio, which is a littel outside the city. But nothing is really far there.

I am not such a big fan of churces, as I think most of them are very alike. But there are nice and cool and you can sit in their shadow. Which we did for quite a while.


There was actually a funeral going on. But sitting outside, we did not disturb the ceremony. I was thinking, who the person was, and how living in Tuscany must be. And I think, I could live there for a while. Everything seems to be a lot slower, than in Berlin, where I live right now. I would love to learn how to cook with a grandma, who shows me how to do it. And I would like to be there to take photos without any pressure.

We drove into Montepulciano along an alley with huge cypress tress at the side. I did not know, that they could grow that tall.


And then again. Montepulciano is so pretty.

I think they shot some scenes of the Twilight Move here. So there were quite a few American travelers around.


We stayed at the Locanda del Borgo. Which is actually quite new. The opened their appartemens just a few weeks ago and we were on of the first guests.

I have never seen so nice appartements in Italy. You really are in an old castle (borgo) and you have a beautiful view over the landscape of Tuscany. By now, you know, that I love that. I really do.


What’s white wine for San Gimignao is red wine for Montepulciano. The best one is the Nobile di Montepulciano. And it is really good. But beware. There is a second city in Italy with the same name, but they are not in Tuscany but in the Abruzzi. somewhere south of Rome. They sell wine too. But it is nowhere near as good (and expensive) as the one sold here. So make sure, when you buy wine from Montepulciano it is from the right one. Or you will not understand, why this wine makes me so happy.


We had dinner at the del Borgo, which was excellent. And you had a view of the setting sun. Too good to be true.

Actually, they started off with a little wine bar, then it became a restaurant and now you can book some rooms, too. Looks like they are doing something right. I would stay there again.

We spend the rest of the evening on the piazza. It was just too warm to go to bed early. And there was no reason to get up early the next day.


It was so nice to just sit and talk without any rush. Hmmm, I could have this more often.


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