So we really enjoyed the time in Montepulciano. Sitting on the piazza at night was really a beautiful moment. We had it all to ourselves and so it felt a bit, like it was ours. Well, at least for some time.

The next morning we had a little breakfast and we moved on to Pienza. It really is not that far away. Nothing is really far in the Val d`Orcia. So I basically had all day to take photographs. And I really like doing that. I have seen a picture of a house, surrounded by cypresses. I have seen lots of pictures of it. Actually I once drew it from a foto from a magazine. And this time, I wanted to take some pictures of it myself. It is called I cipressini and it is right outside of pienza. I will post two pictures of it. Let me know, which one you like better.

There was a festival going on in Pienza. Everything was covered in flowers. The even made a flower garden in front of the dome. So much work.


We actually stayed two days in Pienza. But somehow the town doesn’t really touch my heart. It is nice. but the people there are strange. Very orderly. Well, however we had a great meal in the Trattoria

Latte di Luna http://www.tripadvisor.de/Restaurant_Review-g644280-d1224778-Reviews-Trattoria_Latte_di_Luna-Pienza_Tuscany.html

which was just a view steps away from our apartment. They do really good food. Like really good.

Unfortunately it was getting a little bit cold in Pienza, so we went to bed quite early.


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