Risotto alla Milanese

La Lunga Strada

Last night I decided to take my first stab at some authentic Italian risotto. It was a bit of an interesting process as it almost always is when cooking in Italy. My kitchen here is unfortunately not quite up to snuff when it comes to trying to make anything more complicated than pasta. Thankfully I managed to wrangle together a few kitchen utensils to make it all work. In terms of measuring I was not quite as lucky and had to do everything by eye. Though judging by the reaction from my taste buds, they seemed to think it worked out pretty darn well.
All in all the recipe is not too complicated. I would say attentiveness and care were probably the most important aspects. The majority of the recipe was ladle, stir and repeat. But with something as simple as “just” cooking rice, it’s the details which make a difference…

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