Wine tasting

I really don’t know if you are into wine. Well I am. But actually I will prefer beer, but that’s a different story, I will tell you later.
I like white wine, when it is warm outside or with a nice light meal. In winter or with heavy food I prefer red wine.

I actually started to discover red wine in Tuscany, mainly with Chianti. When you are down in Italy and you have the chance to savor red wine with almost every dinner, you start to discover different fragrances in the wine. It’s a bit like training your taste buds.
If you are serious about wine. Try to rely on your own opinion. I would never buy expensive wine, if I am not able to taste the quality. Some wine is so ridiculously expensive, that I would not believe, that I would cherish it.
Some friends and I once went out and bought some bottles of Chianti. One for about 5 Euro, one for 20, one for 40 and for 60 and one for 90 euro. We just wanted to find out, if we really could taste the difference. Try for yourself. I found out, how much I would pay for a bottle of wine this way.
Another thing, that I always wanted to know, is that smart talk: “Ohhhh, 2004 was such a great year but 1998 was horrible!”. So was there any truth to it?
So again, we went to a Wine Bar in Italy and ordered 4 different kind of red wine and we ordered 4 different years of the same kind. So lets say we have some Chianti, Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino and some Nobile di Montepulciano. Then we did order 4 different years of each wine. We ended up with 16 glasses. Again, if you are serious about getting to know wine, try for yourself.
I was very surprised, to discover that the difference between the years are much greater, that the differences between the different types of wine. So a 2004 Chianti is more similar to a 2004 Brunello than a 2004 Chianti to a 2006 Chianti. I did not expect that.
But again, please find out for yourself. Don’t read the descriptions of other people and then match your taste accordingly. Trust your own taste. Trust yourself if you discover the fragrance of cherries or chocolate or even medicine in your wine. But do yourself a favor and discover it for yourself. Your taste never can be wrong.
And whats my favourite wine at the moment?
So easy to tell you:


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