2/15 De boot

So the weather was getting better and we got our boat.


Now isn’t she a beauty? We got all our stuff aboard. There is plenty of room. We have a small kitchen and a bathroom. Enough room for six people to sleep. But we are using the free beds for more storage room.
I never steered a boat before. I have a pretty good idea of how a rudder works and I studied some of the most important rules in advance. The owner showed us how to handle the boat for about half an hour. Which made me feel better but not safe at all. But that was it. Off we went. I was very excited. I am the skipper now. Noone to ask.
I was very happy to find out that it was not much of an afford to steer. I noticed the wind and that it was pushing me in it’s direction. But that was okay. We had chosen a very easy route to start with. Just a few bridges that I had to manage and I did. I was so proud of myself.
Stopping the boat and going on land was really difficult. I was going to fast. We all did not know how to fix it with the ropes and slow it down. Going backwards just pulled me away from the shore. And I ended up in the middle of the canal again. So I tried a slower approach no going backward and this time we managed it somehow. Nothing to be proud of. But at least no scratches in the hull.



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