3/15 From Hindeloopen to Rabbit Island, Friesland

So Hindeloopen was fun. Nice small town. Extremely friendly folks. We had dinner at a restaurant.

But honestly it was not so good. And not so cheap either. The good thing is, that we discovered Jenever. Quite a strong liquor. Much like Vodka but with a distinct taste.
The next morning the master of the harbor collected his fee. 7 euro was not so bad. But then we had no electricity no water.

We left the town and turning the boat in the small canal was not so easy. Somehow I can’t steer the boat at all when I am going backward with it.
After a long trip through a very busy water way the wind was getting stronger.

As it came from my back it pushed me and I did not mind. As we have a small boat, all I had to do was to keep it on the right side, which is starboard, and let everyone overtake me. The waves build up and it really got nasty when I had to cross 90° to the left to reach our destination. The boat started to roll really bad. The waves slashed on to our left side and everything on deck got wet. Which included me. Behind the island it got suddenly better. The trees seem to hold of the wind and the island kept the waves off.

After the second try we managed to secure our boat and we were really happy to be on land this day.


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