4/15 From Rabbit Island to Workum, Friesland

It was great to sleep on an island. Very quiet no traffic. I was hoping to take some pictures of rabbits at sunrise, but there were none. I was a bit disappointed because I like the fluffy little guys. So I took some pics of the sunrise instead.

Mastering bridges is no big deal anymore. I feel very comfortable with them now. But before we could enter the port in Workum we faced a new challenge. A bridge that had to be opened for us by a master of the bridge. All the cars had to stop for us. So cool. I needed to maneuver the boat more precisely to avoid traffic and to cross the open bridge quickly.


I made it. No scratches in the hull. I was so proud of myself.
And landing the boat this time was really good for the first time.

We had some coffee and cake in Workum, which was not so good (again). We decided to cook for ourselves from now on and went shopping in a far away supermarket. Well I guess we did not like the town so very much.
We tried some Jenever this evening and I was surprised how different the flavor of the brands was.


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