5/15 From Workum to Makkum, Friesland

We left Workum with a light heart and headed for Makkum. It is actually a little bit of work to prepare your route for the next day. There are no signs along the canals that tell you the way. So you have to study your map.

We checked if the route that we wanted to take has enough depths. Our boat needs 70 cm or a bit more than two feet depths. Then you check if you can pass all the bridges that are on the way. They need to be higher than 170 cm for our boat or they have to be able to be opened for us. And then there must be a place at the end of the day where you can fix your boat for the night. It it’s not allowed to drive in the dark.
After six bridges on our route, that had to be opened for us, we made it to Makkum. It was a great trip. Hardly any wind, sun, blue sky, great fluffy clouds, some cows and some sheep along three canal. Picture postcard Holland.

Makkum was great. We got some space for out boat right in the center of the old town under three trees at a meadow.

We sat in our camping chairs, talked, watched the boats flow by and just relaxed. We got some fresh fish and had a great dinner.


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