5/15 How to get water on the boat

There is a tank on board, that holds 1000 liter. Unfortunately our boat has no gauge to show how full our empty the tank is. So we decided to fill the tank. But where? And how?
The “how” part was easy: You open the tank, put s hose in it and when out is full the water pours out. Simple and messy.
So we checked our maps and there are some stations where you can get water. Very cool. We found one along our route and from far we could see a station with a blue hose.


So we stopped, very graciously this time. Yes, we are getting good at this. Then we found out, that you need 50 cent coins. We only had one euro coins, because all the bridges cost one our two euros to pass. So no water this time. We finally got water in a Marina. You could get electricity too, to recharge your batteries. You just plug in the cable that comes with the boat.


They don’t charge you extra for that. Nice isn’t it?
So now you know to bring lots of coins on your boat trip.


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