6/15 From Makkum to Aldhôf Island, Friesland

Leaving Makkum required to turn the boat in a narrow canal. Which worried me a lot because there were boats on either side. I thought about turning the boat without the engine, only with the ropes. But the others did not think that was a good idea.
So we cast off and I had to turn the boat. I was sweating. Constantly had to change rudder. And those other boats looked really expensive. I was going dead slow and I somehow managed to turn the boat around.
And off we went.

I had to pass a normal bridge and then there was the one with the bridge master. But this one was high enough for us to go under it without the need to have it opened for us. There are two openings to go through. both had red lights but one had an orange light in the middle, which means I can pass through but have to look out for traffic. I headed for the bridge when suddenly he turned on two orange lights above the big opening. Hmmm, I had no idea what that meant. I chose to take the other way, just to be sure. Then we had a long trip over the canals. It was so much fun to travel, the weather was just fantastic.

When we stopped for a tea break, I took my book and found out, that two orange lights means that I should pass through because there is no oncoming traffic. Okay, now I know.
We had to open a self service bridge. So we had to go slow, drive at the very right side of the canal and we had to push a red button. We missed it. So we secured the boat and I had to balance on a narrow plank to the button. I pushed it and the bridge opened.
We ended up on an island in Aldhôf. It was very long but narrow. And as it was on one side of the princess magrit canal, you could watch all those huge ships pass by.


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