7/16 From Aldhôf via Sneek to Grutte Potten, Friesland

Staying on an island is fun for me. There was only a narrow jetty where we fixed the boat to and the island was only a few meters broad but some hundred meters long. The big boats were very impressive. And very fast too. So we better keep off their way.

We headed for Sneek to get some food. We parked in a no parking zone next to a supermarket and went shopping. People were rather unfriendly or unhappy here. Hardly any friendly faces, that we have seen so many here in Friesland. So we decided not to stay. Even the bridge masters were hectic and rude.
We left the town eastbound to find a nice spot and some very friendly people here.

We talked and had fun all evening. Unfortunately they has to leave early. It was their last day.


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