9/15 From Grotte Putten to Akkrum, Friesland

We were all a little bit grumpy this morning. The weather forecast spoke of rain and more wind.

We really did not want to spend another day here. Going back to Sneek was not very tempting either. We could cross the Sneeker Meer but with the wind in mind that was not so cool. Wind builds up pretty bad waves on lakes. It took me quite some persuasion to cross the lake with no more delay. There usually is less wind around sunrise and sunset and I just wanted to get going. So we left. We had to cross princes Magrit canal. But at that early hour, we were the only vessel on the lake. The sky was breathtaking. Thick clouds and yellow rays of sunlight piercing through.

Everything was quiet on the water. The wind was picking up, but still in a moderate way. We passed under a bridge and there was such a beautiful landscape around the lake. There was I tiny island, that had the triangular shape of a piece of cheese. It had some trees on it and the gras looked so beautiful in the morning light.

From there it was very close to Akkrum. We found a Marina with water and electricity. And I was so proud of ourselves that we chose to go, although we all were very nervous.


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