11/15 From Cheese Island via Joure to Joustersluis, Friesland

Getting away from the island was really difficult.


The wind was pushing us toward the land. I had to steer the ship backwards to leave the island. And this boat does not like to go backwards. It is hard to steer then.
We were heading for Joure. Did not sound like a nice city, but it was en route and we wanted to buy some food.
To our surprise the wind was picking up quite a bit, which normally is no problem on the canals. But this time I had to pass a tiny bridge, that was only a little wider than the boat. The wind did not make it easier. If you go real slow it is easy to go under the bridge, but if there is wind at the same time, it will push you in it’s direction. So I had to go quite fast and try not to hit either side of the bridge.
We ended up in a very small canal. There were 90° bends and more small bridges even with oncoming traffic. I was rather groggy when we reached Joure.
Actually I really liked the town.


We got our supplies and had an excellent espresso. The cafe even had wifi so I could upload my articles to my blog. I really needed that break. After all those small bridges I felt tired.
But we did not want to stay in Joure and pay another 12 euros. So we headed for a small island just outside the town.
There was plenty of room for the boat and I was happy when the last knot was tied.

Time for a beer.


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