12/15 Via Heeg to No Rabbit Island, Friesland

Today was beautiful weather.

We had a long trip ahead of us. We were on or way back. The morning passed like in no time and we almost were in Heeg, when a guy from another boat signaled us something. I was not sure if I understood correctly. He crossed his arms. And there was only one bridge ahead of us. So I guessed the bridge was closed for some reason.
We checked for an alterative but this would mean one day detour. Not impossible, but not great either. We saw the bridge from afar, but it was not supposed to open anyways, because from 4 to 5 pm the bridgemaster have a break. And it was a quarter to five.
Coming closer, we saw two men in yellow jackets repairing something. We were really lucky. They somehow managed to operate the bridge manually. And then the bridge opened for us. And we arrived in Heeg. Which was nice, but made it impossible for visitors to stay in the city during the night. Very unfriendly. So after a short look around we left.

The lake was so different now. Last time we had high waves and wind, now it lay still and it was just fun traveling. We headed for a familiar island, but even this time there were no rabbits here. The sunset was breathtaking.

Someone started a fire and it was a great ending of a very fine day.


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