13+14/15 From No Rabbit Island to Stavoren, Friesland

It as a misty morning on the island. After the beautiful sunset we had, it was really a surprise, that the weather was so moist. And there was wind. Not a lot, but on a big lake like that even a little wind can make big waves.

But we left anyways. It was not so bad, as we thought and then the weather cleared and we made it all the way to Stavoren. Actually it was quite a boring travel. You just follow the red and green tons in the water. There is not so much to see on the lake. But there was no other way we could use.

We found a nice spot in Stavoren and I liked the town right from the beginning. Small harbour directly at the Ijselmeer and there even was a sandy beach. Great food and some nice pubs, too.

There were sheep on the dam, and they looked really mean:

We really liked it in Stavoren, so we decided to stay another day and relax at the beach. Good idea, because we had to leave the next day to bring out boat back.


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