15/15 From Stavoren to Koudum, Friesland

We left Stavoren on a sunny day. The trip to Koudum was not a very long one. We wanted to make sure, that we will be there in time, even if the weather turns bad. So we arrived early. We secured our boat. Funny that this act of fear became a routine after just two weeks on the water. I remember, how we avoided to move the boat after it was secured, because we just were afraid that we might scratch the hull. It is a good feeling, to know the boat so much better. To be able to steer it through little bridges and turn it around on narrow canals.

The evening was beautiful. We had a last dinner with fresh fish. Our last night on the boat. I still could not believe it was already almost over.

It was nice to have a different view from the window every day:

I really fell in love with our little boat. It´s diesel enginge never failed or had any trouble. We always had a place to sleep, wherever we were going. We even could cook and eat on lonely islands. And we were going really slow, because we had all the time in the world.

The next morning everything went well. We gave the boat back, paid for 70 liters of diesel and the people at friesland boating were very nice. No hassle at all.

We had a safe trip back to berlin, and now, that I am writing these lines, I miss the smell of the water and the rolling of the boat. And somehow I think, how little we needed to be happy.



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