Berlin – Go for a walk in the evening in the Regierungsviertel

If you like urban architecture, if you like a walk at a canal or if you like the smell of a big city when the sun sets, you have to go to Schiffbauerdamm and park your car there. Alternatively jump off the train in Friedrichstrasse and walk towards the water. There are several cool buildings there to photograph or simply enjoy.


Then you just follow the river to the west and you come to the Reichstag. But this time, you can see it from a different angle and it casts a beautiful reflection into the Spree.


Keep walking along the water and you come to some buildings that look really great at night.


This usually is enough for me for a short stroll along the water. If you want, you can continue towards the railway station. But beware. This place has so many sights, you can spent lots of evenings there taking photographs.

On your way back, there are quite a lot of cafes, bars and pubs around where you parked your car. A perfect way to end the evening. And maybe, you want to bring a friend along with you.


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