Berlin – Way Up High – Good drinks and a view to kill for

No, you don’t have to kill for it. Actually, hardly anyone knows this place. The Park Inn Hotel has an open terrace on the roof, where you can go to. There is plenty of room to park your car, maybe somewhere in Alexanderstrasse or just take the S or U Bahn to Alexanderplatz. Find the Park Inn Hotel, and ask at the reception for the roof top terrace or “Dachterrasse” if you want to practice your German. Take the elevator to the last floor, but beware, there are still a few flight of steps to climb until your are there. But I promise, it is well worth the effort. The entrance fee is only 2 Euro or so and they serve cold drinks up there. Don’t forget to bring your camera and your tripot. The view is just too good. Have fun. 



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