Berlin – Tuschkastensiedlung

If you know who Bruno Taut was. If you like colours. If you are into architecture and you like Bauhaus. You have to pay a visit to the Tuschkastensiedlung in Berlin.

I don’t really think it shows up in any guide books at all. But thats something that I like about Berlin. You can live in this city for ten years and still discover angles and places, that you never have heard before. Everyday can be a bit like a holiday.

So I really don’t want to sound like Wikipedia to describe the Tuschkastensiedlung. Look it up there if you feel like soaking up more information. But I like to translate the word Tuschkastensiedlung for you. The Germans tend to make looooong words. But they do make sense.

Tusche = ink

kasten = box

siedlung = a new quarter of a city

It’s called that, because Taut, for the very first time, dared to use strong colours. Remember, that you easily could get arrested that times (1920 or so) when you painted your house red or blue. He did. And I love it:

I wonder if there lives a bear inside the house.

I like all of those little details about the houses:

All the different windows:

or this one:

some more:

even more


and beautiful contrasts:


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