Berlin – Köpenick – Kietz

I guess this part of Berlin is really old. It surely looks like all the houses were there a century ago.

This is the Kietz in Köpenick. Kietz (or Kiez) is a funny word. You can hear it a lot in Berlin. It is pronounced like “keets” with a k at the beginning as in “key”. It`s like the word “hood” in american English. The Kiez is where you live in Berlin, the area that you know by heart. Your Berlin. The part, where you are at home.

The Kiez in Köpenick is right beside the water. You can find a lot of symbols on the houses, that show that once  fisherman lived here.

So there are the Seeterrassen, where you can sit at the water and where you can get some real good german food (not so easy in Berlin). You can even come by boat and fix it to the jetty as you eat.

Or you can sit on one of the many benches and watch the boats go by.


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