Berlin – Neukölln

It is funny, that some people are afraid of Neukölln. I live there for ten years now. I never had any problems. I really like the people. There are many Turkish and Arabian folks living there. And I feel like I belong to their family after meeting them for the third time. I find them very friendly and very open. And I enjoy to discover strange new things, and I like it, that sometimes I can’t read the signs.

This is a bakery that makes yummy baklava. And then there is the old structure that is so German in Neukölln, like the Rathaus.

Sometimes there are festivals in the streets, and this is really a great way to discover new things. You just have to try ununsual food and you get into contact with your neighbors so easily. I love that.

Those guys were making some sort of hamburger meat mix, that was very spicy. And yes, they were having fun 🙂

And then there are those mean and bad neighbors that give Neukölln the bad reputation like this attack dog:


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