Berlin – Schmöckwitz – Restaurant Strandlust

So we went out to dine at the water, again. The weather is just too hot at the moment to do something in the boiling city. Someone discovered an odd restaurant way out at Schmöckwitz. I am not sure, if Schmöckwitz still is part of Berlin or if it is already Brandenburg.

However, there was this ship, that was build in the Netherlands 1872. It served as a barge until 1936. Then it was reborn as a restaurant ship. Germans love to go for an Ausflug (fly out) which is a trip to some nice place and drink a pot of coffee there and have a piece of cake. I guess it is very much a German thing as Tea Time is for the British.

So people from Berlin (like me) went out in the countryside to have coffee in the afternoon. That’s why the boat became known as the Kaffeekahn or coffee barge. Kaffeekahn sounds nicer though.

It is a real restaurant now, so you can have more than just cake now.

Dinner was good, but not outstanding. But the view was really great. All the boats came into the harbor around sunset. And the colours of the setting sun were magnificent. Have a look:


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