Berlin – Best Italian Restaurant

I really should not tell you about that. This place is already packed with people. The Casolare is just a piece of Italy right in the heart of Berlin. You enter and it is loud and you see waiters swirling around the tables, that are put together far to close. The three pizzaolos produce a fresh pizza every minute and the demand never seems to stop. There are people waiting outside to get a table and there are people inside to get a table. But you never have to wait too long, and it is well worth it.

Understanding some Italian really helps a lot. All the staff are Italian and some only speak Italian. And it always seems to get me a table much quicker. You get fantastic pizza here. I usually add some Mascarpone on mine. It goes well with everything but sea food.

This is real Italian pizza. Thin. Crisp. Baked in a wood fired oven and yes it may be burned a little. But that’s the way it has to be. It has nothing to do with American pizza. So be aware of the difference.

If you are not into pizza (if that is possible at all). Then there is a daily menu. Usually some pasta dishes for starters, some meat or fish main course and some desserts that are just divine. The menu changes daily, which is good, because all the things are made the very same day. It can’t get any fresher. And yes, it is all in Italian again. But some of the waiters will help you to understand what they serve.

You can order red or white wine, which is a good quality and not overpriced at all. And I really love the table cloth. It is always checkerd. Blue and whit or red and white. And I like to touch it, it reminds me of my childhood days in Italy, when we went out for a dinner with the whole family. But that’s a different story.

So if you are ready for a day in Italy and you love food and you are not scared if you don’t understand the menu at once, then go and pay the Casolare a visit.

Il Casolare

Grimmstrasse 30


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