Spindlermühle – Špindlerův Mlýn

Usually we go there to do some snowboarding. It is only a four hours drive and you are in a completely different world. I always feel like I go back 30 years in time. Everything is sorted in Germany but in the Czech Republic everything is still as in the old days.

I like the beautiful landscape. And most of the roads are narrow and windy. It takes some time to travel them. But then again, we went there to unwind and slow down.

But we went up the mountains and stayed at the Josefsbaude, which I only can recommend to the fullest. Sometimes, or actually most of the times the service in the hotels in the Czech republic is poor. I got used to it. I guess you just have to. But in this Hotel everyone was really friendly and helpful. I enjoyed that a lot.

One of the best parts of a holiday in Spindlermühle is the food. I really like it a lot. It is just great. Simple. Fresh. The beer is incredible. They just know how to brew. It is so delicious and it goes perfectly with the food served. It really makes me angry, that the Amercian Budweiser Brewery tried to take the name away from the local beer. I mean it is brewed here in Budweis. I think if anyone should give back the name it is the Americans. Stupid idea.

So we had a good time and enjoyed the landscape, food and I even had time to go out at night and take a panorama. So whenever you feel like you need to get away from Berlin for a day or two, consider Spindlermühle for a trip.


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