Friesland: Back on the Boat

So we finally made it back on the water. I just love to be on a boat. Have a look at the big boat we got this time. Isn’t she just beautiful?

We are actually thinking about living on a boat for good. I like the idea to be able to move around and have your home with you all the time. I am surprised with how little things I can get by. Actually it is quite nice to not have so much stuff. I guess I cherish the few things more that I have.

And it is nice to have a different view from the window every day.

Although the boat is rather big, it was surprisingly easy to steer it. And it was nice to have lots of room on the boat. A real bed and bathroom. A big kitchen which made us completely independent. It was cool to stop at the little islands, enjoy the landscape and the sunsets, cook something nice, drink and talk and cuddle into a nice and comfy bed when I was tired.

We started of in Sneek, which is quite a big center for renting boots. I will keep you posted on how the travel will go.


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