Just me…

I grew up in a small town. There was usually not very much to do or see. I knew every bush and tree there, but I was very courious what was out there. The only way was to read books. So at least I had the chance to travel in my phantasy. And I always wondered what other places would be like. I could spend hours traveling with my fingers through maps. Imagining that I was really there.

I wonder how life would be, if I could travel to these places in an instant. Just to be there for a few minutes, breathe in the different air, hear the sounds and emerge in a different word.

This idea was in my mind for many years. Just taping locations for a few minutes. Freeze them in a time capsule and have them available whenever I wanted to. So finally I bought a video camera and just started doing it. Berlin is a great place to start. So join my travels and be 5 minutes away…


4 thoughts on “Just me…

  1. Hi, I’d like to use one of your pictures (Modersohnbrücke) for a printed interview as one of my favourite places in Berlin. It’s not a commercial print product and I’m interviewed as a representative of a non-profit organisation. It would be great if you get in touch. http://www.betterplace.org

  2. Hi there,
    I just discovered your website, especially the pictures of Krossinsee.
    I am working at this campsite and was wondering if we could use your 2 pictures on our website and for advertisement?

    Many thanks in advance.
    Campingplatz Krossinsee

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